Do you have tracker installation notes?


  • Be sure that you are logged in as a Windows Administrator.
  • Be sure to disable remote software (e.g Teamviewer).
  • Be sure to temporarily disable all anti-virus software.*
  • Be sure that the destination drive is not full.

The software should be installed by first right clicking on the installation package and choosing to Run as Administrator. Subsequently run all Track’Air programs as administrator. Obtain the installation zip file. The password to unzip the zip file is your license ID. Unzip the installation and put the file into a temporary folder on the C or D drive, do not run from directly from the desktop. Then right click and run as administrator.

Force the application to run as Administrator:

  1. Login as a user with local administrative privileges.
  2. Right-Click on the application shortcut and select Properties.
  3. In the Properties window, click on the Compatibility tab.
  4. Check Run this program in compatability mode for: and chose your operating system, or Windows 8 if you are running Windows 10.
  5. Check Run this program as an administrator.
  6. Click apply, and then click OK.


Some Windows 8 and 10 installations don’t actually shut the computer down when you press the Shut down button. You will need to go under Power Options in the Control Panel and select Change what the power buttons do and uncheck Turn on fast startup and select Shut down when the power button is pressed.



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