PanthAir 3D Model

PanthAir 3D Demo

A Skyline Photomesh Demo rendering from data collected with the PanthAir Camera System.

A New Industry Standard

Lead’Air, a well-known pioneer in the field of aerial 3D mapping technology, proudly introduces the PanthAir 3D aerial camera system, setting a new industry standard for affordability and performance. In line with our longstanding tradition of designing and manufacturing cost-effective aerial camera systems, Lead’Air is thrilled to launch the groundbreaking PanthAir series of 3D aerial cameras, engineered with an unparalleled selling price below $200,000. To accomplish this milestone, PanthAir relies on a single camera to capture 3D stereo imagery, marking a significant advancement in the field of aerial mapping technology.

Capture High Oblique Views with a Single Camera

3D mapping technology requires multiple intersecting views and perspectives of terrain features and building exteriors to recreate a 3D scene. Typically, this is accomplished by deploying an array of five oblique and vertical cameras capturing diverse viewpoints and perspectives. PanthAir ‘s innovation lies in its revolving semi-oblique camera, which swiftly rotates around its axis, capturing images in all directions. Moreover, the camera’s axis is strategically inclined to ensure that, with each turn, the camera captures imagery directly beneath the aircraft (nadir) as well as at a considerable distance around the aircraft (oblique). Essentially, the camera’s oblique angle continuously varies during its rotation, allowing it to capture high oblique views of up to 60 degrees and near-vertical views within each revolution, which satisfies the prerequisites of 3D reconstruction.

The new PanthAir systems have all been fully tested and have successfully generated beautiful and accurate 3D city models on the Skyline Photomesh software. The PanthAir system has undergone extensive testing on large urban areas with high buildings like the city of Orlando. The quality of the results and the mapping accuracy results have been hailed as outstanding, and on par with any other 3D camera system available on the market.

PanthAir Interactive Web Sample

Below is a 3D sample of Downtown Orlando, FL, flown with Lead'Air's PanthAir system; processed with ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro.
Please refresh the page if you notice that the model is not loading properly.

Reference the following controls to navigate the scene below:

  • PAN: Left Click + Hold
  • ROTATE / TILT: Right Click + Hold
  • ZOOM: Mouse wheel Up / Down



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