Helicopter Integrated Digital Acquisition System


Building on our successful MIDAS line of products, the HELIDAS efficiently captures sensor data from cameras, LiDAR systems, Infrared sensors, and other devices. Lead'Air's equipment is fully integrated with the Applanix line of INS systems, from AP15 to AP60 depending on the required accuracies for your application. In addition, we have complete integration with Riegl's Airborne LiDAR Systems. Lead'Air owns and operates our own Bell 206B helicopter and two Piper Seneca's with 25" camera ports so we can fly and test our products in flight on a real project. The system is particularly adapted to low-level flight, automatically tracking and firing at very low altitudes, and delivering very fine GSD better than 0.25 inch (0.6cm).

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Do you have different equipment than we are showing? Since we manufacture our equipment onsite, most of our systems can be reconfigured, and we can create a custom mount configuration to fit your equipment. Contact us for a quotation.


Real-Time Targeting

Controlling the fully stabilized platform, the system can automatically follow a predetermined path or manually target the system using the joystick and real-time feedback from the video camera to the Blackmagic Video Assist display and capture system. The system can optionally maintain a manually targeted position based on IMU data as well as auto-correct for horizon changes. The HELIDAS IMU compensating helicopter mount allows for ±25° roll, ±15° pitch and ±45° yaw. These extreme angles allow for full stabilization of the aircraft tracking the fight lines, greatly enhancing productivity and assuring orthogonal image geometry


Equipment Testing in Actual Conditions

Distinguishing ourselves as one of the only companies in this industry to own their own Helicopter (Bell 206B Jet Ranger) and fixed wing aircraft, Lead’Air has the ability to test every system we create in actual flight conditions. One of our first helicopter test flights of a HELIDAS is shown below. Testing every piece of equipment we have created for our clients is our way of assuring the quality and durability of our products meets our own rigorous standards before it reaches our customers hands.

Powerful control center

The HELIDAS is controlled by a MIDAS Computer Control Center and takes advantage of the years of development that went into creating the world renown Oblique Imaging System, the MIDAS. The MIDAS Computer Control Center contains: all the necessary controls for each camera, IMU, Navigation interface, stabilized mount and all power functionality for the system.

Technical Specifications


Power Requirements: 24-28 Volts at 24-30 Amps
Size: 19.6 x 18.75 x 17.3in (W/H/D) (498 x 476 x 440mm)
Nav / Camera Control: Integrated X-TRACK flight mgmt. system
GPS: Applanix AP40 or 50
Flat panel touch screen
Drift Measurement: Automated from IMU
Cameras: x5 Canon 5DS 50 MP -> 1 vertical, 4 oblique
x1 PhaseOne 100MP & x5 Canon 5DS 50MP
x5 PhaseOne 100MP -> 1 vertical, 4 oblique
Sensor: CMOS 14 or 16 bit
Images: x5 50 Megapixel RAW, TIF, JPG images
Image Quality Control: Integrated real time viewer with display
Image Storage: x6 Solid State SATA SSD Drives
Performance: 1 second interval with Canon 5DS R
Altitude: Max 15,000 feet MSL
Operating Temperature: 32° – 140°F (0° – 60°C)
Shock / Vibration: Rubber shock absorbers
IMU: Integrated Applanix AP40 or 50

Fully stabilized camera mount

Drift Correction: Motorized ± 30°
Pitch / Roll Leveling: Motorized ± 10°
Camera Angle: Fixed (30° to 60° available)

Weight and balance

computer system w/ frame,
POS, cables and disks
~106lbs (~48kg)
(including cameras)
~82lbs (~37kg)
Total Helicopter mount
~188lbs (~85kg)





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