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At the forefront of Lead’Air’s turnkey solutions are the MIDAS and the HELIDAS. They are unique systems with multiple arrays designed to obtain various oblique views and a single vertical view. These systems, equipped with Nikon, Fuji, PhaseOne, Hasselblad, or Canon cameras, account for millions of professionally produced images annually.

The MIDAS and HELIDAS are highly adaptable. Among their many modular features is the ability to equip lens configurations ranging from extremely short, low level 25 / 35mm pairs to the longest 200 / 300mm objective assemblies. The HELIDAS differs from the MIDAS in that it mounts to a helicopter or other fixed-wing aircraft. We regularly manufacture aerial survey camera systems. They are well known for their strength, accuracy, and reliability. Our systems market to numerous aerial survey professionals all over the world.


Proudly made in the USA


Lead’Air and Track’Air are dedicated to manufacturing custom aerial survey solutions. Our manufacturing, research, and development labs are all located in Kissimmee, Florida, USA. Our Hardw’Air company uses CNC machines, and a dozen other lathes, sheet metal equipment, grinders, drill presses, and saws to create custom parts to fit the needs of our clients. Although we offer standard products, we specialize in custom aerial survey solutions. In short, if you need it, we will build it.

The Hardw’Air CNC operators run and maintain a variety of machines and help to enhance and customize our products to suit the requirements of our clients. All requirements of detailed part drawings are translated into specific measurements for production. Every machine procedure is done in accordance to the strict standards set forth by Lead'Air, ensuring the delivery of accurate, meticulously built, and highly reliable systems.


Although we continue to produce stock aerial survey products, our business has shifted to the production of custom turnkey aerial survey systems, some of which are the specialized oblique camera equipment like the MIDAS and HELIDAS. We operate several aircraft that are used exclusively for testing our products on the field, and we believe that our continued success through the years highlight the design, quality, and reliability of all our Lead'Air and Track'Air products.



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