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Track’Air B.V. was established in the Netherlands in 1994, specializing in the development of efficiency tools for the aerial survey profession, such as the renowned Track'Air Flight Management System (FMS). With approximately one thousand private and governmental organizations around the globe operating our leading Track'Air FMS, Track’Air has undoubtedly become one of the most popular providers of Flight Management Systems (FMS). Several OEMs, including the Applanix POSTrack and Vexcel UltraNav, have developed outstanding products utilizing the Track’Air FMS as the mainstay of their sensor control development.

In 2001, Lead’Air Inc- a US Corporation, was originally established to support North American sales of Track’Air products. In 2010, Lead’Air took over the manufacturing, sales, and support of all Track’Air products. Since then, all our products are created and sold exclusively by Lead'Air in the USA. With a staff of over 30 software, hardware, electronic engineers, and support staff, Lead'Air has grown to be one of the leading developers of aerial survey equipment, tailor-made to the specific needs of our clients.

As a privately owned company, Lead’Air, Inc. employs dozens of experienced professionals from around the world. Our staff consists of software, hardware, and electronic engineers, as well as pilots, photogrammetrists, and machinists who all contribute to the innovation of Lead’Air and Track’Air’s aerial survey solutions.

Custom Turnkey Solutions

At the forefront of Lead'Air's innovative systems are the MIDAS, HELIDAS and the SNYP’AIR. Singular systems with multiple sensor arrays designed to obtain LiDAR data, multiple oblique views, and a single vertical view. These systems, equipped with Nikon, PhaseOne, Hasselblad, or Canon cameras, annually account for millions of professionally produced images and LiDAR data.

The MIDAS is highly adaptable, and one of the many modular features of the MIDAS is that it is equipped with lens configurations ranging from compact, low-level 25/35mm combinations to the longer focal length, 200/300mm objective assemblies.

The HELIDAS, also known for its modularity, can be mounted to a helicopter, or other fixed-wing aircraft with a fully stabilized, tailor-made three, four, or even five axes gimbal, for the specific combination of sensors on your new system. Lead'Air supports a wide variety of cameras; as a result, we manufacture tailor-made, stabilized mounts, and aerial survey camera systems. Our systems are well known for their strength, accuracy, and reliability, and sold to numerous aerial survey professionals all over the world.

The Snyp'Air (above) is a fully stabilized platform that automatically follows a predetermined path or manually target objects using a joystick and a video camera. Real-time feedback is displayed on an ATMOS Shogun-Flame image display and capture system.

Lead'Air and Track'Air developed the X-Track FMS software used in all our systems. The continuously upgraded X-Track FMS software is the core of the IMU / FMS POSTrack System delivered by Applanix, as well as the Vexcel Ultra Nav.

We understand that data acquisition is of the utmost importance in the aerial survey industry. As you photograph the world, Lead'Air, Inc. & Track'Air B.V. want to ensure that your data organization is complete and that you do not run into limitations when it comes to the amount of data you can store. As such, to accommodate higher capacity storage, we have implemented the ability to change databases on the fly. For your convenience, you can also now organize your project databases by location. Our commitment to the continued innovation of tailor-made aerial survey solutions is unparalleled, and we continue to strive for excellence in the designs and services for which we are known.



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