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SnapShot goes mobile!

You can now run SnapShot on Android™ and Apple devices.

SnapSHOT Mobile allows the pilot to operate the Track’Air’s Flight Management System (FMS) using their very own mobile device. SnapSHOT Mobile is used as a Pilot (client) device which wirelessly connects to the Navigator (server) system, such as the Omnitrack (MS Surface combined with TECI). This platform independent software can be installed on any Android device and allows for new ways of viewing information, such as 3D flight perspectives.

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Latest Version - Android Installation Instructions

Released: 2018 February 16

Android Mobile SnapShot v1.6.1n

Demo Version

Demo version only.

Mobile SnapShot Demo

Update Log


  • Zoom to both airplane and flight plan when you press the zoom button with the airplane.
  • Support for PSU flight plans in overview and trackup view.


  • Resolve disappearance of photo triggers that happens when aborting a run without triggering the cameras.
  • More responsive manual run sequence and run adjust.
  • Reduced memory usage for large flight plans.
  • Removed the flashing of texts when the pilot display loses wireless connection.
  • More consistent airspace display after exiting out the trackup view.
  • All airspaces are shown, not just the ones near the airplane.


(Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.)

Latest Version - iOS Installation Instructions

Released: 2020 May 1

iOS Mobile Snapshot v1.7.1

What's New

  • Support the newer generation iPad Mini 5.
  • Display the trackup background when in a trackup view of a selected run.
  • Higher airplane position in a trackup view to allow the user to confirm a photo trigger below the airplane.
  • Lead line and lead dot for a selected run in overview.
  • Alternating airplane color in between triggers in scanner mode.


  • New distance markers that are not prone to disappear when approaching a selected run.
  • Better default panels selection and default panel positions for iPad Mini display.
  • Resolved unmovable GALT panel.

Previous Android Versions

Released: 2017 September 21

Mobile SnapShot v1.6.1h


  • New panel that shows GPS Altitude in a yellow panel called GALT.
  • Movable and resizable GSPD, INTR, Mount and GALT panels.
  • Speed warnings disappear automatically after 4 seconds.


  • Resolved a battery drain issue when running the app
  • Resolved a white rectangle which uncommonly was visible in trackup when the airplane was flying at a low speed
  • Resolved the wrong display of altitude colored deviation when (on the Surf’Air) 4-2-7-1-Range = percentage AGL was selected
  • Resolved disappearing of altitude color deviation for a flight plan that contains run block
  • Turn circles and drift arrows follow the airplane when the airplane over large distances in simulation

Released: 2017 August 12

Mobile SnapShot v1.6.1c


  • Able to load large flight plan with hundreds of runs and tens of thousands of photos and remains responsive.
  • Trackup-view now keeps both the airplane and selected run in the display.
  • Improved layout of buttons and panel allow more display area.
  • Two indicator labels of altitude deviation panels are placed on the same side to allow the panel to be position against a side of the display.
  • Menu and zoom buttons are positioned to the left edge of the display.


  • If under 2000 phototicks, phototicks are shown by default.
  • Airplane icon on the altitude deviation moves according to snapSHOT setting in menu 4-2-7-1-show moving airplane.

Released: 2017 June 7

Mobile SnapShot v1.6.0v


  • Run Select button to right bottom corner of the display.
  • New airplane model, fires at nose.
  • Waypoint triangle and text has display on/off option.


  • Heading & Cross Track Panel easier to move.
  • Placing VOR triangle is easier.
  • Closing X button in Options menu.
  • Interval and GSPD state is saved for next session.



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